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Sant'Anna School of Advanced Studies, under the supervision of Prof. Andrea de Guttry, has been entrusted by the Ministry of Internal Affairs with the task of evaluating Italy's compliance with and implementation of OSCE commitments (human dimension) undertaken by the Italian government to be presented in view of the Italian Presidency to the OSCE in 2018.

In this first phase it would be necessary to connect to the link and express your preferences on the 5 themes that deserve to be deepened in the report by December 7th.

The objective of this exercise is to identify the 5 most important (or in any case considered as such) themes to which the report will be dedicated. The questionnaire will include 15 themes and participants will be asked to identify a maximum of 5 themes, to place them in order of priority from 1 (highest priority) to 5 (minimum priority) and to motivate their response.
When the 5 themes will be selected through the procedure described above, a team of SSSA researchers hired to draft the report, will conduct a desk review and analysis of them.
After 5 months from the identification of the topics, a preliminary report will be prepared and will be submitted to the interested "stakeholders" to collect their comments and suggestions. If deemed necessary, a second meeting will be organized between the SSSA research team and the interested stakeholders.

At the end of the financial year, the consolidated version of the report will be presented to the Ministry of International Affairs published according to the Ministry's instructions. The SSSA assumes full responsibility for the final report.
Thanks in advance to spend some of your time filling out the questionnaire. It will only take 10 minutes!
His contribution is important to help us identify the main focus of the report. The results and follow-up of the questionnaire will be kept duly informed.

The 15 themes among which you are asked to identify the 5 most important are the following:
1. Women, peace and security
2. Trafficking in human beings
3. Rights of persons belonging to national minorities
4. Transparency of democratic institutions
5. Freedom of religion and belief (and / or contrast of discrimination on a religious basis and measures to counteract anti-Semitism)
6.Conditions in prisons, treatment of persons in detention and prohibition of cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment and punishment
7. Migrants, refugees and asylum seekers
8. Corruption
9. Violence against women
10. Terrorism
11. Racism, xenophobia and anti-Semitism
12. Rule of law
13. Freedom of expression, press and information
14. Equality of rights between men and women
15. Rights of people with disabilities